Last week, under consultation with my GP I made the decision to come of some off medications as I believed they had been not only deteriorating my physical health but also my mental health as well.

So, as the heading of this blog post suggests, I’m “Jumping Into The Blue” the unknown, and starting from scratch so to speak. I will however, be staying on two of my medications. The two that I started on when I was first diagnosed. Lithium since 2008 then Topamax since 2010. The two that kept me stable and well for so long with minimal to no episodes.

To get back to that state, I needed to detox. Now like detoxing from any drug, it’s not been pleasant. Sleepless nights, irritability, unstable moods, withdrawal symptoms, a real rollercoaster. (I sound like a junkie coming off Harry).

Well when you’ve been shoving multiple different pills in your mouth day in and day out for 6 years, of course you’re body becomes reliant on them and of course it’s going to take some time to rid them from your system. Needless to say there is going to be some reactions when your body realises OMG where the fuck are they, what’s happening, SHUT DOWN…………

So today is Day 7, I’ve just been resting and taking it easy at home to deal (under the care of my GP and Psychologist) with this first stage of detox as I knew it would be the hardest, and I’m feeling good. I’m putting everything in place for the next stage, which is going to be the cleanse then of course starting the nutrition and exercise phase.

I’m waking up early, feeling more energised and the fog is starting to lift.

The journey is only just beginning!

If you or someone you love is struggling with life please seek advice from a medical professional. If you live on the Gold Coast, I am more than happy to recommend a number of specialists. Don’t feel ashamed or embarrassed.

I am also happy to talk about anything and everything if you just want a chat. You can contact me on

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