For those of you following my Facebook Page you would know that I have recently incorporated regular exercise into my routine (I know right, shock horror) and it’s all thanks to the amazing team at Southport Sharks Health + Fitness.

I’ve had Personal Trainers in the past (see below links to posts about my experiences)

These past few weeks since I signed up I’ve had the opportunity to work with Mel Mukti who is a Holistic & Wellness Coach, so a perfect fit for me. And after giving him my health and fitness history (including the stuff I used to do as a kid), we discussed my injuries (thank you Australian Army) and what training was going to be easy for me to maintain so that I didn’t lose interest, feel too pressured and could be done at home.

The team made me feel comfortable and have continued to, and at a Facility that has a massive range of equipment with an extensive list of group classes.


From the minute I met Mel, he wasn’t like any other trainer I met before. The great thing about Sharks Fitness Centre is they have Trainers that cater for the various needs of everyone. Whether you want to bulk up, trim down, tone, every walk of life. Which is fantastic as they had someone that catered for me, someone that needed a bit of extra TLC and needed an all over body approach (Mel used to be a chef – jackpot) so has been able to work with me with my body makeover, with out pushing me too hard and stressing me out.

As i’ve spoken before many times, stress is the biggest enemy for Bipolar Disorder. Even though people say they understand this, because I say it enough lol. I know they don’t get it. And that’s fine, but I when I’m doing something like this, I need a certain level of GIVE and less TAKE so I can manage my shit. So to speak.

Strenuous exercise does scare me, a lot scares me. And being scared of exercise when I used to be so active scares me. And I want that fear to go away.

I used to play volleyball, be great at track and field, row as well as play touch football and dance. Oh, and of course all the activity in the Army Cadets and Army. I miss being so active and I miss the feeling of being so active and fit.

However my life has changed so much and as a result it’s left me sedentary, oh, and of course with some injuries.

With Mel’s experience and guidance, I believe that not only will he be able to assist me with my health and weight loss goals he can help me with releasing that fear which will help me drastically with managing my Bipolar.

If you are looking for a change and haven’t been to the Health & Fitness Centre, you need to check it out. The first thing I noticed about the place, was how big it was and how bright and clean it was.

NB Ladies, the toilets and showers are AMAZING! Plenty of lockers and a great infared sauna too!

Are you ready to relaunch your greatness?

To enquire about membership please phone 07 5591 5800 or email