So, my birthday is in less than two weeks and not only am I shocked at how old I am (arrgghh) but because it means it’s almost March already!

As usual I’m starting to get the standard requests from mum and the boyfriend asking me what I want, and as usual I have absolutely NO IDEA! I’m actually a really difficult person to buy for. Not because I’m fussy or spoilt but because I have no specific materialistic wants or desires.

Having been through such a harrowing health experience, I’m just grateful to be alive and to have a bright and prosperous future ahead of me. In previous years, the only thing I’ve ever wanted for my Birthday or Christmas, for that matter, was good health. But since I’ve got that now, I decided to actually try and be a little selfish and answer their requests and put in a wish list.

So I have spent the last few weeks on my favourite online shopping destinations hunting looking for some special treats. It wasn’t easy, because for so long I had been in the mind set that I didn’t deserve to be spoilt or happy. I was sick and with that sickness came a whole lot of negativity about myself.

Even though Bipolar is known for reckless spending, I had curbed that behaviour many years ago when it had gotten me into some financial trouble. Like buying a $30K convertible car when I really didn’t need one and racking up tens of thousands of dollars on credit cards during manic episodes. Those kinds of experiences have a tendency to stay with you lol.

So because I’ve been so careful monitoring my behaviour with buying and spending money I became a bit of a scrooge with treating myself and that included accepting gifts for my Birthday. I never knew what I wanted and was happy with just family time, support and love.

But this year is different, I realise that I deserve a bit of a treat so the hunting began. I’m not going to reveal what I put on my wish list otherwise it won’t be a surprise, so both you and I will just have to wait!

In the meantime, feel free to follow me on PINTEREST for some inspiration.

But here are some of my fave online/app places – most of them I’m sure you’ve heard of, and love them as much as I do. Let me know what your favourite online shopping destinations are by emailing me at


The Hunt



Urban Outfitters


The Outnet