Brite Babe

From a young age I’ve always loved coloured hair. I remember when I was 15 years old (way back in 1995) and I got rainbow coloured foils in my hair. Even then I was expressing myself through my personal style in whatever way I could. Everyone thought I was absolutely crazy. My school hated it. The Army Cadets Unit I was in absolutely hated it and I was forced to have them stripped out. It was horrible, I recall feeling so constricted and not understanding what the problem was.

Now, to be able to have pink or purple hair or to do whatever the hell I want with my hair or to be able to wear what clothes I want without worrying about rules or what people think is such a freeing experience. And that’s the way it should be. It’s an expression of ourselves and makes us feel good. It makes me happy.

Now if you love the concept of being able to colour your hair in something bright and fabulous but are not quite ready to commit then Brite Organix is definitely for you! Not only do they look after the people they employ by partnering with ethical factories (hell yeah – no sweatshop workers here!) but all of their products are vegan (this shit just gets better!).

Today I’m reviewing the Brite Organix Hair Shadow which is a temporary instant hair colour, that on most hair washes out in one wash. It comes in a range of colours and as you can see I have the pastel purple.

Above is a list of my essentials for the task at hand. As stated on the packet, it does get a bit of messy so take heed peeps and definitely use a towel or a cape or something, because the shadow can get a little crazy. I straightened my hair first just to make it a little easier especially with sectioning.

I just wanted to go for a random dip dye effect but the great thing about this product is you get to design your own look! Once you’ve selected a section that you want to colour, hold the strands of your hair against the shadow using your thumb (or finger) and glide down in one direction.


I did this on both sides of the section to get an intense colour.


I then just gave it a little twist and then voila… All done. Repeat on all desired sections of your hair.


It was so unbelievably simple and took me about 15 mins to get the below look.

My hands were pretty pink and I had a bit of shadow on my face and arms but it washed off super easy and there have been no stains – winning! So I can’t stress enough ladies, don’t be a hero and think you can do it with no fuss – USE A TOWEL OR A CAPE and stay away from anything white when you’re doing it lol.

This product is fucking fantastic and great for something different for a night out, festival or contemplating an all over colour change but not sure if you’re ready to commit. It’s unbelievable easy to do, quick and I love the fact you can choose the look. And best of all, it’s super cheap at only $9.99.

Have fun x