So, this week we received our second Hello Fresh box delivered cold and fresh to our door. After trying it out the first time, loving the food and realising how easily it fits into our lifestyle, we went round two.

These are three of the main meals available for the 23rd to the 30th August – check them out to give you an idea of the boxed delicious just waiting for you to make. And the great thing is even if you aren’t a Hello Fresh member, you can still download them!


Didn’t read the recipe properly (a very bad habit I have) and therefore got the water mixed up when making the sauce. The recipe referred to hot water and boiling water but I missed the significance. Either way, with a bit of cornflour the sauce thickened up and it was bloody delicious. And I learnt something – tossing the meat in flour and salt before cooking – WINNER!


After a super long day shooting up the Sunshine Coast for the #SCFFStyle challenge, the boy offered to cook. After joking about making sure he read the recipe properly (hardy friggen har), I got home to him already started. As the amazing spiced smell wafted through the house I was pretty excited about eating.

While prepping to serve I hear some noise coming from the kitchen “I fucked the mash”… turns out Bozo didn’t read the recipe either and before roasting the carrots DIDN’T peel them (HAHA not so easy is it?!) … so meatballs for dinner it was. These are so yum, a bit spicier than I can normally palette but really tasty, and the four I had filled me up surprisingly.


Now the plan was to take pictures of my cooking skills and Masterchef quality results, but the Beef Stroganoff was sort of plopped together and we were starving, so no time for photos. The Meatballs, well it wasn’t even the full meal so no photos there either. So far, my plan for a blog post to visually show you how amazing Hello Fresh is was fading fast.

As this blog post goes live, we are yet to have this meal. After reading the recipe card I discovered that a couple of utensils required to cook this meal, we didn’t have. So  the chicken is in the freezer and i’ll be using the ingredients but altering it slightly. No waste. Also, the boy advised me he isn’t a fan of quinoa…. wish we had of known that prior to finalising the order.

So what are my final thoughts on Hello Fresh?

  • Works out to be about $25 per meal (2 people)
  • Apart from water and oil, you receive every single ingredient required. Even the 2 x tsb of paprika is bagged and packed
  • Before you finalise your order, take the time to read the weeks menu and select accordingly
  • READ THE RECIPE IN FULL before you start cooking – that hot and boiling water will get ya!
  • Super super easy and the food is really tasty
  • Recipe cards are great and of course re-usable, it’s great that I felt like I was learning and improving my culinary skills