Hello internet world….I have a confession. My name is Missy Robinson and I don’t tan!

*Gasp* I hear you say. A fashion and lifestyle blogger that lives on the Gold Coast, who doesn’t tan?! What is going on lol.

I’ll be honest and admit there was a period in my life over five years ago, when I lived with a glamour model who did the fake tan, nails, professional make up thing every time she went out, which was every weekend. For reasons I’m still really unsure of, I did try all that stuff hoping it would make me feel better about myself. It didn’t.

I guess that’s what I had always associated with those beauty treatments – “Prettier, slimmer and feminine”.

Once that living arrangement changed, so did all the fluff lol.

I’ve always thought I had pretty good skin. Olive complexion, no acne. I guess it’s one of the very few good things I got from my father (Native American heritage). I had always struggled with finding matching foundation, although that’s all changed now thankfully, and loved seeing my scars and blemishes. My war wounds.

With today being the first day of Spring, and a lot of peeps will be slowly trying to prep for their Summer tans, I thought I’d give a few of the fake tanners a go. These are just a few I had accumulated in the cupboard from gifts.


  • Low odour
  • Product is tinted so you can see where you’ve rubbed it on
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • This pic was taken immediately upon application
  • Dries instantly
  • I found it a little difficult to spread and apply evenly
  • Washes off super easy with soapy water

Conclusion: A little bit harder to use, and I found the colour had quite an orange tinge on my complexion




  • No odour
  • Spray on then spread evenly – the texture makes it easy to spread
  • Nice bronze tan
  • Dries quickly
  • This pic was taken immediately upon application
  • Left my skin feeling super soft – a very unusual surprise

Conclusion: For wash off colour coverage on your legs, this is definitely a winner. The more applications you do, the darker the colour.

This can make a bit of a mess with the overspray so I’d definitely suggest old towels and doing it in the bathroom.




  • Low odour
  • Spreads super evenly
  • It’s a mousse so easy to apply
  • Goes on quite dark so you can see where you’ve applied
  • This pic was taken after 1 hour
  • Left my skin feeling super soft – a very unusual surprise

Conclusion: This was probably my favourite of the three tanners for longer term wear, as it was super easy to use and spread evenly, plus the colour was gorgeous!