I’ve never been a particularly girly girl. I am not good with hair styling or make up application and my go-to outfit is oversized tees and singlets with denim cut offs or trackies.

Hardly the makings of a fashionista or someone who loves fashion right?

When I was introduced to Mainie, a stunning label that is a “melding of authentic Aboriginal Dreamtime art and luxurious silks from the fabled Silk Road”, my first thought was what the hell am I going to do with these?

How can I style these with my current wardrobe?

So to keep it simple, I just tied the enormous 140cm x 140cm scarf around my head. No more hair in my face and it looks bloody awesome!

The Medicine Seed scarf depicts the Dreamtime Story about the gathering of seeds from the Watiya-Warnu trees. The seeds are used as a traditional medicine. The ceremony associated with the gathering of the Watiya-Warnu seeds involves the preparation of a large ground painting.

Keep an eye on the blog in the coming weeks and on my instagram (@allaboutmissy) for more ways to wear scarves.

MAINE scarf

MAINE scarf

MAINE scarf


Scarf | Mainie
Skirt | The Beach Skirt
Jewellery | Secrets Shhh

Images | Hayley McAllister @hcamiellephotos
Hair + Make Up | French Poppy Design