Ever since that skit came out “Activewear“, it’s pretty much the only tune playing in my head at the moment. It’s hilarious as hell but OH SO TRUE!!!

Due to my always gravitating towards plain colours (especially black) I decided to get some fabulous prints for my activewear, so I can do anything I want in my activewear lol.

Haha Clothing is a Sunshine Coast based yoga and activewear label that uses high performance fabrics which mean great fit, great quality, lightweight, soft and breathable. Although not realising it at the time, I’ve just noticed the leopard in the print (man I seriously think I have an animal print problem), I thought I was opting for something a little less gym obvious and chose this awesome paisley style print with teal highlights.

With a high waisted band that you can fold down or keep up, depending on whether you like a bit of extra support on your tummy. When I first received these two pairs, I was actually a bit worried they wouldn’t fit (Size L) as they looked tiny, especially around the waist and hips. But surprisingly to me, as I put my legs in and hitched them up I was amazed at how well they stretched and adapted to my body shape without the pants becoming see through and thin.

Because of my ruptured disc, I’m still on restricted physical activity, however my physiotherapist at Physio Fit has given me some great exercises to do to help build my core strength. These exercises can be done on a mat and a ball and are super easy. I’ll look at doing a blog post on these exercises later as they are great to include in your daily routine. These help with my breathing, so of course help reduce stress and on top on the dry needling I have had a couple of times, my back is in a much better state than it was a few months ago.

You too can see their amazing range on the catwalk and in the Trade Lounge at the Sunshine Coast Fashion Festival this Saturday!






IMG_0012 copy

Below is another full length pair that has a gorgeous coloured python print. Easily worn for a casual sports luxe look.

Pants | Hatha Clothing
Top | Kmart