This past couple of weeks have been eventful, educational, inspiring and a little bit stressful. The events have resulted in me thinking a lot about gratitude. So much has changed for me in this past year, all in the best possible ways, that it’s made me realise how grateful I really am to be healthy and finding my happiness by following my passion. And of course, how grateful I am for the amazing and loving people in my life, albeit a few.

Last week, I was filmed by Humans of the Gold Coast for a mini documentary, about living with Bipolar and how my role in raising awareness on mental health issues, and how integrative medicine has helped me with management, has really given me a purpose. During the filming, I was asked to supply photos from my younger years which meant rummaging through old albums and reminicsing about my earlier life. It made me realise just how much I’ve been blessed with a wonderful upbringing filled with love, culture, family and adventure.

I’m not usually one to enter into many competitions, but in September I was feeling lucky. I entered a competition through the Ruby Connection networking site.

I Won! $1000 Westfield Gift Card.

The Gift Card arrived last week so my boyfriend and I made the most of our special “wish list”. I’m so thankful to Westpac Bank, Ruby Connection and Westfield for selecting my entry as the winning one.

With luck on my side, just before Melbourne Cup, I had a very vivid vision of a particular race horse, so having never placed a bet before, got my boyfriend to place the bet and we won! WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER!


Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, adult colouring in books are all the rage…. I used to colour as a kid and enjoyed it but never really saw the benefits as an adult, especially when I would struggle to concentrate at times with so many racing thoughts. Anyway, I bit the bullet on the weekend and purchased a couple of books – tropical wonderland and animals. Three completed images in three days and I think it has actually helped me focus. Before I knew it, last night I had been colouring solidly for over an hour with the tv on in the background, talking to my boyfriend intermittently while he played Xbox. I was happy and laughing and covered in pencil shavings lol.

Art is something that I’ve been expressing more of an interest in lately, although I don’t have any drawing ability. My mum got me a small canvas, easel and water paints for Xmax 2014 and I only just got around to painting it on the weekend. It wasn’t anything spectacular, but it was colourful and made me feel good, which of course is my soul mantra. Do what makes you feel good!


With some big plans happening for 2016, and working with The Feel Good Initiative ready for their launch 1 December 2015 I’m feeling the most stable, happiest and healthiest I’ve felt in a long long time.

So eternally grateful for everything that I have in my life and for the future x


They say that manicured nails is the key to a polished look, and it’s oh so true. Nowadays, there are so many different nail art options to suit your style, outfit or personality.

I myself am not a regular at a nail salon, and over the decades have had acrylic nails, gel tips, points, squares, rings, chains and crystals to make myself look polished but at the end of the day, I always come back to what’s easiest (and cheapest!). DIY.

In my single days, I had a weekly ritual on Sunday night of giving myself a full spa pedicure and manicure in the comfort of my lounge room. On the couch, towel on the floor, feet in a bucket of aromatherapy bubbles and I’d scrape and buff and file and paint. Now, I still do that, but it’s more monthly than weekly.

I have managed to get my painting fairly precise but attempting anything else has failed miserably, and it’s nice to have something a bit different..

Jamberry Nails  are one-of-a-kind nail wraps that are made with durable materials, so there are no smudges or streaks and they won’t damage your natural nail.

With hundreds of different styles, prints, colours, textures and designs there is a Jamberry Nail wrap to suit everyone!

As you can see I went for a cute cupcake wrap for my first batch with a feature stripe nail on each hand. I was surprised at how easy they were to apply, how well they lasted and the fact they didn’t damage my own nail.

Each kit comes with a file, 2 x wooden sticks, 2 x wipes, buffer block, cuticle pusher, scissors and your wrap.

  1. File and buff natural nail;
  2. Cut Jamberry Nail wraps and match to fit natural nail;
  3. Peel Jamberry Nail wrap off with stick;
  4. Heat Jamberry Nail adhesive for approx 3-5 secs; (I used my hairdryer)
  5. Line up and use rubber cuticle pusher to seal Jamberry Nail wrap on each nail;
  6. Heat nail for approx 3-5 secs then bond to seal; (I used my hairdryer)
  7. File off excess and voila!

To purchase and look at wrap options, contact Taylor here

Jamberry Nails

Jamberry Nails

Jamberry Nails

Jamberry Nails

Jamberry Nails
Excuse the scar on the finger – oven rack burn…

Below is a how to application video which shows you how super easy it is to apply.