When did you last have a Pap Smear?

Monday 14 December 2015

This morning I woke up with a bounce in my step and after weighing myself to check my progress, I noticed that I had lost 10kg. A huge achievement and one I wanted to share. So I posted a photo on Facebook and a little statement about my progress. I was beaming.

Less than 10 minutes after basking in my proudness, I received a phone call from my Doctor’s Clinic asking me to come in ASAP to discuss results. My heart sank.

The phone call put me into an instant panic and not having a vehicle to get there, the earliest appointment I could make was Wednesday mid morning – Two whole days of freaking out and wondering what the fuck was going on. Not a chance in hell I was going to be able to deal with that.

I called my boyfriend terrified, who left work to take me to the Doctor ASAP. About 30 minutes later I get a call from him to say the car had broken down and he was on the side of the Highway. Being a mechanic, I knew that if he couldn’t get it going it was something serious. I couldn’t fucking believe it. What unbelievable bad luck. I was in full scale panic mode and the car was fucked.

Luckily Trav went into crisis mode and got everything sorted. Before I knew it he’d organised a tow truck to pick up the Tigra, got someone to pick him up and take him back to work, had organised another car and was on his way. (love him)

While all this was going on, I called my mum to fill her in and was trying to speak to the Doctor to get some more information to avoid a full scale mental riot.

Just to give you some background information, about 2.5 weeks ago, I finally got around to getting a Pap Smear and Breast Check, something that I had been putting off for years, not for any particular reason other than laziness and a prioritising of other events/activities. Ironically, that appointment had been rescheduled twice before I actually made it there! It was all very simple, painless and over quickly. I knew this, so why the hell I didn’t do it earlier is just something I’m going to have to live with.

Eventually, I got through to the doctor. My pap smear results had come back abnormal, which meant we needed to discuss the next steps and treatment options. I told her I was able to get in that day so rescheduled my appointment to 2pm knowing Trav was on his way home to me.

As soon as I got off the phone, my first thought was. Oh my god, I’ve got fucking cancer! I was in shock, and completely overwhelmed.

Obsessively, I turned to google to try and find out at least some information. HPV, biopsy, hysterectomy!! WTF was happening.

I tried to calm myself down by doing the dishes and trying to keep my mind busy, but it was just not happening.

About ten minutes after speaking with the doctor I received a call from our Real Estate Agent saying that after being on a periodic rental for a number of months they were increasing rent by $30 a week starting ASAP and they want a new Lease signed that day. Are you kidding me? I really can’t be dealing with this shit right now. I managed to be polite and realised that in the space of an hour, we’d been struck with the case of the “bad luck comes in threes”. I just hoped it stopped there.

Trav finally arrived home and thanks to his natural calm cool and collected manner, I eased my mind a bit. Just a bit. With so much to deal with, the impending appointment and what that would mean. What the hell are we going to do with the car and the real estate, well that’s just a whole other level of stress.

2pm comes around and nervously Trav and I await in the Doctor’s waiting room. This wasn’t my usual Doctor, this was the female doctor that I’d only ever seen the time I had my pap smear so I didn’t have the same relationship as my PDoc who’s treated me at least monthly for 5 years.

My name is called and we both go into her office. No sooner had the door closed, she sat down with a pen and paper and explained. It was on, shit was getting serious. Explaining it to me using a simple diagram and explanation of terminology and grading…

Abnormal cells were detected and I have what is called CIN 2-high grade. That means they are pre-cancer cells.


Cancer, fuck, there was that word again. Tears were streaming down my face as I listened to her explain to me the next steps and possible procedures.

A referral was written for a specialist to organise a colposcopy to have a biopsy and remove all the damaged cells and tissue.

This is common and very treatable. But I tell you what after all of my “Bipolar” stuff, having to overcome this next hurdle has got me scared.

Now it’s just a waiting game and I hate waiting!

*cervical intraepithelial neoplasia (CIN)

UPDATE – 31/12/15

I received a call today confirming that I am booked in to get a Colposcopy on January 11 at 9am at Robina Hospital. Sooner rather than later. Thank the Universe. I’m not so much as scared now as impatient. I just want the procedure done, get the all clear from the biopsy and move on with my life.


GET YOUR PAP SMEAR DONE EVERY TWO YEARS – Prevention is better than Cure.