Goal Setting, Resolutions or whatever you want to call them can either make or break you!

It’s the start of a new calendar year and the end of the first work week, which means that if you have set resolutions or done your goal setting your progress and dedication this week pretty much sets the tone for the rest of the year. So how are you going with yours?

Although, I’m guilty of the new week/year – new start mantra, after the year I’ve had (and then some) of reflection, healing, learning and planning I’m setting goals, making myself accountable and ensuring that every day is a fresh start.

My goal setting this year are more to do with self development as opposed to physical acts. I do want to travel and I do want to have a nice house, but none of that means shit if you’re unhappy or unwell.

When you do start  your goal setting, make sure that they are achievable and that you make yourself accountable. You can do this by checking your progress weekly, monthly or daily even. I have my goals written down in my phone with notes so I can keep checking my progress easily. Whether you write them down on a piece of paper, on your desktop screensaver or on your phone, having them in black and white will  make it easier for you to stay focused.

What have I learnt?

What are my goals?

How will I reach them?


  1. Knowledge is Power.
    You can never stop learning and I’ve really enjoyed spending this year discovering more about myself, learning about food and nutrition (I’ve just completed a Certificate in Food, Nutrition and Health) and how to improve my business skills. Doing the course, although challenging after not studying for over 15 years, was great as I learnt more about the science behind food and how it can benefit you not only with your general health and wellbeing but also improving your mental health, which is a winner for me.
    I don’t have any set plans to continue studying anything in particular, however I plan on developing my skills and learning more about how to maintain a healthy vessel. I’ve recently obtained a book called “Archetypes”, so I’m really excited to learn more about why I’m drawn to certain people, ideas or products.
  2. Learn to say NO and to Walk Away
    This is a lot harder than it sounds… I would definitely call myself a people pleaser, which may surprise some that know me. I think this is a behaviour I’ve formed to “fit in” and appear “normal”. Some of the activities, events etc I’ve done in the past I’ve done not out of desire but obligation. It’s something I’m now very aware of and have made a conscious decision to really evaluate every opportunity presented to me to ensure it aligns with my goals, dreams and capabilities. Taking control, saying No and walking away is such a freeing feeling 🙂
  3. Smile More
    Captain Obvious this one, but smiling (even when you don’t feel like it) releases a chemical that tricks your brain into feeling happy, then the feeling usually becomes authentic. Plus when you smile at people, it has a flow on effect… And you know what they say? Smiling is the second best thing you can do with your mouth 😉
  4. Make Dedicated “Me” Time
    Even though I spend my days alone, I don’t really ever focus on me time and yet when I do it’s so good for my body and soul. So I plan on ensuring that every day I give myself at least 1 hour “me” time. Whether that’s a swim in the pool, colouring in, listening/singing to music, a walk or just chilling with Neo on the couch reading. Switching off is crucial for me to remain calm and function
  5. Maintain (or set) a Health and Fitness Regime.
    As mentioned with my recent 12kg weight loss, exercise is not something I enjoy. I’m not a gym person, I don’t run and I play any sport. So how do I get my “activity”? Well last year I discovered the 7min workout app and that was the kicker. In the lounge room any time during the day, it’s perfect. A great workout which certainly gets the blood pumping. With a back injury and having visited a physiotherapist, I also learnt a lot of stretches which I integrate every day.
    I don’t respond well to a lot of change at once, it’s a Bipolar thing, but I’m learning to manage it better.
    I want to lose another 10kg by 7 March and I know that if I keep doing what i’m doing, that will be very achievable. My biggest thing is ensuring that I remain calm and have fun with food and exercise.
  6. Routine is a good thing.
    I always believed that I followed my own path with no real organisation or routine, but I have discovered that I thrive on routine. This is quite common for people who have a diagnosis of Bipolar. It gives us structure and balance and allows us to remain in control. A few months ago, I made the decision that I would not work on a Monday or a Friday which made me more productive and motivated during the remaining 3 days. I make sure that I get up at the same time every day, follow the same work routine and go to bed the same time every day. It has already been so beneficial to my mindset and I awake every day refreshed and feeling positive. I think this is why I did so well in the Army.
  7. Money
    I’ve always had a love hate relationship with money, and once I received my diagnosis of Bipolar, things made more sense. Reckless spending and poor financial management is one of the classic behavioural signs of Bipolar. Learning to manage my finances is a constant challenge, when my mood is up all I want to do is spend and be reckless, which of course leaves me with buyer remorse or in debt…. Over the years, I’ve managed to really curb that desire to shop and spend, almost to the point I can be a bit of a scrooge…. As a whole, money causes me great stress – this includes bills. This year thanks to a super simple saving strategy I discovered, I plan to start an easy weekly savings plan and be grateful for the bills when they arrive as they allow me to use the internet to do what I love, have electricity for hot water and keeping my food fresh, have my phone to call my loved ones etc…
  8. Let It Go….
    This one and the next one are definitely the hardest ones for me, I do have a tendency to hold onto things. Usually when I’m scorned or hurt or upset I just switch off. This doesn’t usually happen the first time,  it takes a while to really upset me, but when it does for me I mentally and emotionally detach myself to that person however the reason behind it I find hard to let go. This will be ongoing brain training, but the fact I’m aware of it is the first step.
  9. One Thing at a Time
    It is very easy for me to get overwhelmed, especially when there is a lot going on. Unfortunately, this can have a very negative effect on my state of mind and emotional state. For example, this year alone I’ve had to deal with one of our cars blowing up, two flat tyres in one day on our other car, plus getting the results of my pap smear. If it was one issue at a time, I could deal with things calmly and logically but with multiple things I find it hard to compartmentalise and it all becomes too much. With the help of my family and boyfriend, I’m learning to deal with one thing at a time. Do what I have control of and just deal with the outcome.
  10. Be Authentic
    Sounds simple enough doesn’t it? But a lot harder to put into practice. With social media influencing playing a huge part, trying to showcase the “real me” through imagery and words is tricky knowing how judgemental people are. I’m on a journey of finding me, the me without the medication, the raw, authentic me.  Learning to deal with situations and people without being numbed by drugs has been hard – really hard. I don’t want to be known as just having Bipolar. I’m more than that. But trying to portray that in the digital world and in person can be more difficult. Especially when, because of my past, peoples minds are already made up about the type of person I am. I’m not as active on social media (especially Instagram) atm while I’ve been working on myself, losing weight and trying to really establish WHO I AM. I’m getting there but it takes time.

Have you started your goal setting? I’d love to hear from you how you are going xx

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