My Transformation… Posted on Facebook this morning

Ok so.. I’m going to be “that” person and post my transformation pics. Although not complete, I’Ve come a long way. Not just physically but emotionally and mentally as well.
The photo on the left was taken Nov 2014 right before I was admitted to hospital for Lithium toxicity. I was very very unwell. I stayed this weight until about Sept-Oct 2015.
As hard as it is to reveal myself in this manner I was not and never will be ashamed of my body and how I looked then, even though I was unhappy.
My body, this vessel, had suffered through years of drug and alcohol abuse, unhealthy eating, limited exercise, dozens of daily medications, damaged kidneys and an underactive thyroid. Even a suicide attempt.
But this body as physically unappealing as it was kept me alive and survived it all.
Fast forward to a week before my 37th birthday. I’ve lost 18kg on my own. No pills, no protein shakes and no special exercise plans.
I did what we all know needs to be done to be healthy – I ate less and made healthier options and became more active (so grateful for the 7 minute workout app).
My kidneys are working, I’m no longer on medications, my thyroid is at a healthy level and my body is working the way it should be.
This transformation has enabled me to feel strong and capable.
I’m mentally stable, motivated, have clarity and am finally becoming the person I always knew I was capable of being.
There is still a little way to go before I hit my goal weight but I’m proud of how far I’ve come.
No matter where you are with your health journey love yourself and love your body… It’s more powerful than you could ever imagine 

transformation - before & after