Moving Forward – Living a Creative Life

Lately I’ve been going through, I guess what you’d call, a bit of an existential crisis. For such a long time – the past 8 years now – my life revolved around my illness. An illness that impacted every area of my life. I’ve now decided I need to focus on moving forward…

It has cost me financially, physically, emotionally and has stolen a great deal for me – most importantly though, it’s stolen my time.

Turning 37 this year (this coming Monday in fact), I guess I’ve been re-evaluating my goals, my purpose and the direction I want for my future. In doing this, I’ve been forced to think about how, why and what I need to do in moving forward with the next chapter of my life.

For so long I was Missy with Bipolar, and yes while I still have Bipolar (and will for the rest of my life) it doesn’t control my life the way it used to. In fact, after the last 12+ months of healing and recovery, it is no longer the focal point of my existence.

My days would consist of conversations and actions revolving around medication, doctor appointments, feelings etc… Now, my days consist of laughter, love, planning for the future, eating well, working out, working and being happy.

I rarely go to the GP. I’ve lost 18kg. I’m motivated, proactive and have been successful in a hobby (that was also part of my therapy) that turned into a career.

Turning 30 was an exciting time for me as I was stable, busy, active and had a great social life, however over the last seven years I’ve experienced a great deal. I’ve been to hell and back – nearly died, lost friends and been stigmatised.

“Never throughout history has a man who lived a life of ease left a name worth remembering.”
― Theodore Roosevelt

But I’ve also found a love like no other, gained a great deal of insight and regained my confidence. I’m not the crazy, loose, unstable “girl” I used to be known for, but am now calm, creative, motivated and most importantly healthy.

So why the freak out in moving forward?

When you’re life has revolved around a certain thing, whether it be motherhood, your career, or your past – trying to move beyond that and show not only yourself but the world, that you are more than what defined you, can be frustrating.

I know that I get judged, even by people who are no longer in my life – because they developed an opinion of me based on a lack of education, ignorance and perception.

So what have I been doing to resolve this to help in moving forward?

After reading a lot of motivational books, I decided it was time to really do things my way. Explore new realms and just go for it. I completed a Certificate in Food, Nutrition and Health and am currently in the process of completing a Certificate in Photography – something that I’ve always done with BTS on shoots I’ve been the Creative Director and Stylist for, but wanted to develop my skills.

I’m blessed to be the Head Stylist + Relationship Coordinator for the Sunshine Coast Fashion Festival – 2015-2106 which in it’s 9th year (Saturday 22 October 2016), still be styling and have my blog. I’ve worked with some wonderful Gold Coast and national brands, lifestyle publications and shopping centres. My work has been published internationally both print and online.

I’m a Speaker with national mental health charity SANE Australia and get to help others by sharing my story and keeping that dialogue about mental health open, while stopping stigma associated with mental illness.

NB: A feature/interview is due to be published in a well known national magazine in May 2016!

Missy Robinson - mental health
Feature in Style Magazine


When I think about all I’ve achieved given my limitations I can’t be anything but proud. Even though at times I, like everybody else go through periods of feeling less than.. I’ve now learnt to focus on the present.

As you can see, I’ve accomplished a lot but I’ve now decided that it’s time to streamline and really focus on living a creative life. A life of abundance. A great life.

So where to now?

Well…. I’m making some changes to my work/branding. I’m going to keep my blog which showcases all my past styling work, magazine features as a contributor, interviews/media, reviews and rambles BUT I’m going to focus more on where I am now, and what I’m doing day to day. Things like the food I eat, activities I do, products I use and just my usual emotional prose as well as what has helped me on my weight loss/health journey.

I have gotten a new role with a Creative Agency which will be announced tomorrow and will enable me to really embrace my creative life (ooohhhh what is it you say?). It’s taken off guns blazing and I’m super excited about it’s growth and potential and being involved.

I’ll be deleting my Facebook Page tomorrow as well and posting everything on my personal page, so all my creative efforts will be focused on the new business page and website. So if we aren’t already Facebook friends, follow me and keep updated.