I’ve always been a big fan of band tees and slogan tees – anything that allows me to showcase my style i.e. who I am, my personality, what I like etc.. Because ultimately that is what style is.

I’ll preface this post by saying that although I’m not a huge metal fan, I can appreciate the music, the skills and talent needed to perform this genre,  – and with my fiance being a HUGE metal fan and even playing bass in a metal band I’ve developed a greater appreciation for it, and even choose to listen to certain bands of my own accord.

We do have varying music tastes, but ironically he loves Adele, as do I and we both love The Civil Wars. It’s great being able to learn about new music and share it with your partner, even if sometimes the hard core thrashing over stimulates me and we have to shut it down to avoid a potential episode. In saying that though, I’ve been so well I’ve had no signs of a depressive or manic episode in yonkers.

This means that with all of his band tees, I ultimately double my wardrobe. Pairing it with this awesome skirt I got an an op shop brings a bit of femininity to my look so I don’t look like the bogan I often am lol.


Tee | Black Sabbath
Belt | ASOS
Skirt | Lifelife
Heels | Famous Footwear