It’s been a bit of a stressful week in the lead up to the Easter break. I’ve had no car since prior to Christmas, which has caused some difficulties, especially with work and shoots, but today we ended up finding the time to get the part (we think) needed to get it back on the road. The boy will be working on it over Easter weekend.

As much as I love working for myself and the freedom it gives me to be creative and work when I want on my own terms, whilst still managing my health…. like any job there are pros and cons.

Having restrictions on my transport has meant I’ve had to postpone/reschedule shoots, which is going to mean a shit load of work leading into the next month. Not a huge drama but frustrating more than anything. You don’t realise how much you rely on your car until it’s taken away and you have to arrange alternate solutions.

That and the fact I hate feeling like I’m letting people down having to reschedule.

In a normal situation, I’d catch a bus or even walk or ride, but as a fashion stylist a lot of driving around is involved. Picking up clothes, having props and garments on hand kept neatly in the car, meeting on location, moving to different locations, dropping off clothes etc…

Patience has never been one of my strong suits, and it’s certainly being tested now! So since my head isn’t altogether relaxed, I’m faking it with my outfit lol.

Top | Kmart
Pants | Thailand