Woke up the biggest cranky pants this morning as I’d have very little (if any) sleep freaking out about a problem with my website that had occurred.

I’d been liaising with a web company to merge all of my old My Gasoline Rainbow posts to this site and upon being advised that all 884 posts had been transferred… When I checked them I noticed that only the copy had merged over and not the corresponding imagery and videos.

So as you can imagine the thought of losing over 5 years of my creative life, my styling, event coverage, journal entries, reviews – basically my whole portfolio was potentially gone; I had a little freak out lol.

After a panicked call to the company and reassurance by them the imagery is now merging over, so soon I’ll be linking in some of my original work that got me started in their industry.

Today’s outfit is pretty basic but this is one of my favourite cardi’s so it’s super cute. Having been in the Army I love camo and military is always on trend. It’s a few years old but now fits me better than ever!


Singlet | Supre
Skirt | Kmart
Cardi | Chicabooti