Have spent the last two days in bed resting and recovering from a severe back spasm Friday night as a result of disc bulges…

And yes Drugs Saved My Life – well stopped me from going to the hospital anyway.

Lucky I had my fabulous Dr Handsome to look after me, check on me, feed me drugs, clean up the spew (yes, gross – especially when it was consistent for over 6 hours), and help me with my exercise.Don’t know what I’d do without him ❤️

I’m feeling a bit more like myself but standing and moving is hard. I daresay it will be another few days before I’m back at it, so in the daggy and comfy on the couch is my life for the time being.

The two days resting has giving me to time to think… And I’m considering starting to vlog- about living with bipolar and how I’m in recovery, my weight transformation, living a creative life and just taking about real life things, like dealing with stress, relationships, styling on a budget, having a happy home, how I got into my line of work, following your dreams etc… without all the glam and fluff that goes along with so many vlogs.
Thoughts? What real talk would you like to see/hear? #allaboutmissy