Terrible Tuesday as they say and I’m still washing and sorting out all my amazing bargains from the Lifeline sale.

For those of you that don’t know my heritage is Cherokee (on my fathers side) so today I’m embracing my inner Poccahontas.

I grabbed this gorgeous tan, soft leather oversized tshirt/dress from the $2 leather table and it is so comfortable. Can be worn many ways, as a dress like I am here or with a belt worn with jeans or even shorts.

I’ve really struggled this week to be productive. The car thing is still getting me down even though we are in the process of buying one – hopefully pick up Friday or Saturday – it’s just so frustrating being stuck at home all day every day. Not being able to do shoots that are booked in, and just not having the flexibility to head out to a coffee shop or anything and chill.

As I’ve said before, patience is a quality that is not very strong in Missy lol.