After years of trying different fashion trends and trying to find my own style, which has always been a mix, I feel like i’m finally coming into my own.

For years I was told to wear colour as it would brighten my mood, although I never felt wearing black was depressing. I’ve always thought of black as strong, confident and sexy and that’s how it made me feel plus when I was carrying more weight it was of course slimmer.

After clearing out my wardrobe for Another Woman’s Closet I made the decision to only buy what really made me feel good, with primary colours being black, grey or white and maybe a splash of colour with accessories. I’ve never thought of myself as a “monochrome” girl but I always seem to go back to black.

I’ve had this pain strapless jersey playsuit for about 5 years and it’s so versatile – easy to dress up or down. I’ve always been a fan of kimonos… they make me feel FREE like a bird. And this gorgeous white one from Czarina, which can also be worn as a dress has my favourite fashion feature – fringing. WINNING!

I’ll be posting something soon about finding your personal style which I know is a challenge for so many of us.

Still loving my new hair colour and I’ve started to experiment (actually make an effort) with different hair styles, specifically incorporating different types of braids that i’ve been able to master on my own. Next tackle is mastering make up… something I don’t wear daily which I guess why I have pretty amazing skin for a 37 year old!










Kimono | Czarina
Playsuit | Barkins
Earrings | Hunter’s Moon