After a fun afternoon yesterday checking out the Lifeline sale, starting to wash everything and see how I can integrate everything into my current wardrobe – I thought I’d show one of the outfits I picked up.

Remember, this whole outfit – dress, belt and vest cost me only $6 and that money went towards Lifeline’s 24/7 crisis helpline – with my mental health history, I know how important these services are.

As I mentioned in my little video, I went in with a bit of plan, looking for specific items. I knew that if I didn’t have some sort of strategy, I would get completely overwhelmed and probably end up having a panic attack.

I don’t actually own many dresses, in fact I think I have two – both black dresses, and a kaftan. I wanted to find some casual dresses for the weekend with a bit of a boho vibe. So when rifling through the piles that’s what I kept an eye out for  – prints, texture and certain items. I also wanted to get as much denim as I could and a couple of leather pieces as well as some items for my fiance.

I absolutely love this dress and know I’ll get a lot of wear out of it and can style it many ways. Plus because it’s up cycled the crispness of the fabric has gone so it’s soft and flowy. The denim vest was a bonus!





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