ALL ABOUT MISSY is going through some changes which you’ll see soon. With a focus on Luxe for Less and the local community, I’m getting back to my roots and focusing on providing content that is more relevant to my local readers and more authentic to me.

I’ve been blessed with a fun and successful career to date, but I have noticed that I’ve been feeling less passionate about my work, and I believe that stems from the fact I’ve moved away from my original vision of All About Missy.

As a creative, it’s easy to stray from your core and with regular feelings of doubt about your work, it can sometimes be hard to step outside, refocus and plan.

This past weekend, I have done just that.


I’ve made the decision to get back to what I love. Sharing events, places, food and activities that are fun, easy and are good for the back pocket.

We look forward to these changes and hope you do too.