Aloe Vera Drinks

Currently there has been an influx of aloe vera drinks on the market, a few I have tried, to date all i’ve disliked, mainly because they were too sweet, too gluggy, the chunks of aloe were too big or generally just disliked the flavour so when I came across Aloe Verde aloe vera drink, to be honest my hopes weren’t all that high… So when I pulled it out of the fridge on this lovely hot Sunday morning to give it a try to my delightful surprise I guzzled the 500ml bottle down in a nano second! 
Whether it was the the natural honey or the white grape juice I don’t know or maybe just the smaller chunks of aloe, whatever it was I wanted more and was slightly disappointed they didn’t come in larger bottles. AND it even has Vitamin C.
For your health freaks out there, here are the stats:
2 x servings per package (500ml bottle)
Energy 400kj per serve
Sugars 22.45g per serve
Carbs 23.27g per serve
Currently on sale in Woolworths for around $2.00 this drink is refreshing and a great buy.
For a healthier lifestyle and a refreshing beverage Aloe Verde aloe vera drink is definitely been added to my shopping list. Yum Yum…. I think I need another one now…..