This year Adorne is searching for a Creative Stylist to style and inspire the creative direction of their segment in the 2013 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Festival Group Show.

“The Creative Stylist Search allows us to give back to the industry by providing a fabulous opportunity and lifting the profile of stylists and creative directors. It’s challenging to showcase accessories on a runway. Bringing in amazing creative minds will help us deliver something unique” says Toni Holt, Founder and Managing Director of Adorne Fashion Accessories.

The winner will form part of the talented Adorne Creative Team presenting the Adorne segment in the 2013 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Festival Group Show.  

The judging panel consists of industry experts; Kimberly Gardner, Jenny Gaskell, Paul Giggle and Toni Holt. The judges will take time out to review shortlisted entries to determine the Finalists and the Creative Stylist Winner for 2013. 

Kimberly Gardner offers some advice to applicants “Be yourself, go with your gut”.  As a judge she’s seeking “Authenticity”’ and is most excited about the opportunity to “see some new individual style”
“Personally I am looking for an element of surprise, with the Adorne product still being the hero. I’d love to find someone who can develop a new way to present an accessories collection in line with the professionalism of the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Festival” shares Jenny Gaskell.

Paul Giggle is looking forward to judging the Adorne Creative Stylist Search “Having spent many years working with some great stylists all over the world I understand that it takes someone with great passion and vision and who understands fashion history. Looking back inspires to recreate the future! I look forward to seeing if there is anybody out there that has what it takes to be a fantastic stylist” 

Applications close 5pm July 3rd 2013.

Finalists will be announced July 12th 2013 and will present their creative styling concept to the judging panel on July 22nd 2013. 

The Creative Stylist Winner will be announced July 25th 2013.

Visit for details.  

*Conditions apply. Read the terms and conditions.


It’s date night with the boy and we are heading out to this amazing local mexican restaurant for a belated birthday dinner. 

I wore this absolutely stunning crystal lion head with matching earrings to dinner with a simple black swing dress. 

The necklace is incredibly striking and I received a number of compliments from the staff during the night.

A great investment piece and a new favourite xxx

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A little known fact about me, Flamingos are actually my one of my favourite critters on this planet…

Some fun facts about this beautiful pink feathery glamour bird and why I love them so:

1. The bend in the flamingos neck half down down is actually it’s ankle!

2. It is actually their diet that makes a flamingos feathers pink.

3. Flamingos are monogamous birds that lay only a single egg each year.

4. A flock of flamingos is called a stand or a flamboyance.

This gorgeous cuff was an early Christmas gift from my wonderful friend Janene and the owner of Wild Bling

Thank you xxx


Friday night Wild Bling owner Janene Daley opened her fabulous showroom to a select few for a night of champagne, bubbles and great offers on her full range of jewellery and handbags.

With some of the most unique and amazing body jewellery available, Wild Bling caters for cost effective one of a kind statement pieces.

Earrings, Rings, Bracelets, Cuffs, Body Jewellery, Necklaces, Sunglasses, Clutches, Headpieces, Handbags, Satchels, Turbans plus much more…

All Wild Bling jewellery is US designed, with new stock arriving every week!
 “I believe more is more and less is a bore.”

 (Neiman Marcus Fashion Director Ken Downing)

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