Deluxe $59.95
Smyth Rust $49.95

Blake $59.95
Wynonna Leopard $49.95

Wynonna Taupe $49.95
Kourtney $59.95

If you’re shopping on a budget, then look no further than Payless Shoes. Their latest range is sexy, sophisticated, stylish, trendy and oh so amazingly priced!

Above are just a few of my favourites – all available online or in your local store… so check out or go to their Facebook page.


After breaking my toe during Gold Coast Fashion Week and having to struggle with coming up with a creative way to look sexy with crutches and and a strapped/bandaged foot, I decided I deserved a reward for my stylish efforts.
So when I saw these gorgeous suede shoes advertised in Big W’s latest catalogue and at the bargain price of only $18.86 I knew I had to get them. Although I can’t wear them just yet, I was able to try them on long enough to show you just how sexy they look and from the what I can tell on my right foot, super comfy lol.
Impressingly well made, with a decent size heel on them.. so ladies get yourselves down to Big W and stock up!

Can’t wait to talk them out for a spin
And… they show off my tattoo!

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SHOES – A Love Story

Shoes are the exclamation point at the end of a fashion statement 
 Laurie Schecter
 Here are just a small collection of my favourite shoes – these ones featured in the above images are from 
Wittner, Pleaser, Robert Robert, Pierre Fontaine, Michael Antonio, Dusk til Dawn, Insomnia and Target and Payless Shoes