I want to thank the kindness and generosity of Four Winds 360° Revolving Restaurant at Crowne Plaza, after our first not so positive dining experience, my boyfriend, his brother and his fiancee all returned to have lunch last Sunday at the request of management.

The weather although, slightly overcast, was amazing and clear so the view was pretty spectacular. This time we had a great table smack bang in the middle between the two areas of food. We had a wonderful event this time around with excellent customer service and of course the amazing food, which I’m pretty sure I ate far more of this time.

They do have upcoming events on at Four Winds for Halloween and Melbourne Cup – so book your table now.

Halloween_FW_2015_web Melbourne-Cup_15_web1



If you are flexible with the days/nights to go, check out this great offer and mention “I LIKE FOUR WINDS” for a discounted price on lunch or dinner.


I haven’t had the chance to stay at the Crowne Plaza although it looks AMAZING – check out the view from the image below. They do have a special package called the Seafood Indulgence which includes:

  • Overnight accommodation for 2
  • A full buffet breakfast for 2 overlooking the pool in our Relish Restaurant
  •  Seafood and Asian Buffet in Queensland’s only Revolving Restaurant, Four Winds 360°



Four Winds Revolving Restaurant

Four Winds Revolving Restaurant

Four Winds Revolving Restaurant

Four Winds Revolving Restaurant

Four Winds Revolving Restaurant

Four Winds Revolving Restaurant

Four Winds Revolving Restaurant



I’m certainly not a “car chick” but I can dig a good automobile.  Although when you’re boyfriend is a mechanic I think there has to be some level of understanding and appreciation. Personally I’m a muscle car gal – 1976 Dodge Challenger is definitely on the top of the wish list. In saying that though, I’m fully aware of the impracticality of driving a car like that around on a day to day basis – regardless of the hotness lol.

Since 2007 I have had a Holden Tigra – 2-door sports convertible with a hard top. Pretty sexy car with a great ass. I’ve been blessed with no mechanical problems while I’ve had it,  it’s easy to drive and look after and is perfect for zipping into town or to the shops. Problem is, as I said, it’s a 2-door, and even with a decent size boot (as long as the roof is up)  it has caused me some grief when travelling to shoots etc…

So, what do you do? You upgrade right. Now, i’ll be honest with you, when it comes to cars I’ve made some pretty bad choices in the past, mainly due to purchasing whilst manic – hence why the last two vehicles have been overpriced 2-door convertibles lol.

The Holden Insignia is definitely an upgrade. Same colour, which made the adaptation that slightly bit easier, 4-doors, auto and roomy as hell.

I could go on and on about the fantastic powerful motor and a bunch of technical jargon, which to be quite frank with you I really don’t understand (I will mention some highlights later) but I thought I’d focus on the important stuff. Like what it feels like to drive, how easy the system is to use, storage, how pretty it is and all the good stuff that makes you choose a suitable vehicle.

Ignoring the fact that I was driving a brand new car, which of course is an instant plus. I could smell all the freshness of the leather interior and new car smell, the carpets were immaculate and it had more doors.

Hopping in, you instantly feel safe and secure with the sturdy thud of the door. Nestled into the leather racing Recaro seats, I felt in control and unbelievably comfortable. There are numerous different switches for the front seating that adjust the lumbar support, seat back adjustment, height adjustment and a special little pad that sits between your knees and butt that you can adjust also. You can actually set it so every time you jump in, the seats will automatically adjust and move to your personalised settings. Which is so handy when you’re struggling to get out of a car all dressed up in heels and have to push the seat allllllll the way back so you can get out like a lady.

Now, although you have a key to this beast it’s button push start on the left which is awesome, but interesting to get used to when you’re so used to blindly shoving the key aimed in the hole on the right hand side. So brake, push button start and brrrroooom brrroooom she starts. The hand brake is a little switch in the centre console, pull up to release and you’re ready to go.

Like all the you-beaut technology you can of course connect your phone via bluetooth for music, calls and you can even program other voice commands to use your phone while you drive. Built in Satellite navigation system and a decent sounding standard stereo system. Rear parking assist and reverse camera as well as a bunch of settings available so you are alerted if you are too close to the car in front, or too close to the side of the road.

Everything is automatic, lights and windscreen wipers. In fact, the technology with the lights alone makes for a sole reason to get this car! No matter where you are driving, or the direction of the road, the lights will adjust to ensure that you get maximum view at night time. If you are turning a corner and there is a side street, the lights will move so you can see not only around the bend but down the side street. I don’t know how the hell it knows, but it does and it’s brilliant.

If you’re like me, your blind spot is of course the killer. The Holden Insignia has blind spot warnings – am illuminated image of a star and a car flashes in your side mirrors to alert you of upcoming vehicles approaching too close. I can’t tell you how much of a life saver this is when you’re driving, especially around the Gold Coast with the tight lanes and congestion.

Heaps of storage space for your shit (i.e. handbag, kids stuff, shoes, gym bag).The centre console is roomy, as is the glove box (USB and aux port inside)  and the secret cubby under the steering wheel on the right hand side.  The boot is massive and was so convenient for picking up and returning clothes for photo shoots. A full size clothes rack fits perfectly along the floor in the back seat. Big surprise as the car is much bigger than it appears. I would say it definitely has that soccer mum”sports luxe” vibe. A very sexy car. Great ass… if you’re into that lol

Cup holders and a little stowaway tray in the back seat, so no spillage from the passengers! Boot can be opened with a press of the remote, handy when you’ve got your arms full.

Obviously, I did test out the grunt factor. It’s definitely got boost and speed but it’s controllable. A quiet drive with a ever so slight humming as you cruise. Cruise control is easily accessible on the steering wheel with multiple options depending on your driving situation. An incredibly amazing safety feature is when on cruise control, the Holden Insignia will automatically slow down to a safe distance until it can reach the set speed again, maintaining a safe distance between the vehicle in front of you. This is great on the highway.

Oh, and how could I forget, the Holden Insignia has heated seats. A luxury I now can’t live without. Once you’ve had them you’ll never go back.

Climate control with the air con adjustable on both the passenger and drivers side. Fully digital dashboard with an 8″ touch screen. There really isn’t much to fault with this car. Roomy enough for a family, but sporty enough for a single got-getter.

Technical Stats

  • 2.8L V6 turbo
  • 6 speed automatic
  • All wheel drive
  • Digital radio
  • Brembo front brakes (top of the range brakes)


Holden Insignia

Holden Insignia

Holden Insignia

Holden Insignia

Holden Insignia

Holden Insignia

Holden Insignia

Holden Insignia

Holden Insignia

Holden Insignia

Holden Insignia

Holden Insignia


Images & Video | Hayley McAllister
Hair & Make Up | French Poppy Design
Location | QT Hotels Surfers Paradise
Vehicle | Holden Insignia @ Motorama Holden Springwood Ask for Renee, tell her Missy sent you x


It’s been over 20 years since I last visited Agnes Waters/Town of 1770. We had hired a beach house for the week and after befriending some other local holiday kids, we spent the week running amok. It was an awesome time.

After flying into Gladstone to spend the weekend with mum, we drove to Agnes. I’d had a pretty rough week, was feeling exhausted and drained so relaxed and enjoyed the chatter.

We had managed to get ourselves on the last afternoon 1770 Larc Tour which left about 4.30pm and lasted for just over an hour.

It’s an odd feeling being in an amphibious vehicle like this especially when you’re going from land to water, and the damn thing looks like a shiny tug boat from the 1800’s!

The tour took us around Round Tree Hill and alongside the beautiful coastline of Eurimbula National Park. The view was phenomenal as we listened to Blake, our guide, give us some history of the area and wildlife.

There of course was some fun in the water – you can check out the little video at the bottom of the post.

It was good fun and definitely lifted my mood. The sunset was spectacular. Highly recommend booking one of their cruises if you ever visit!















Saturday night my boyfriend and I went to Four Winds Restaurant to celebrate his younger brothers engagement. We were both super excited as this was a dining venue we had been wanting to try out for ages. Plus it was the boy’s birthday last Friday so a double celebration.

As it was an engagement party, the hosts had booked for about 20 people for the 5.30pm session (the dining sessions are booked in blocks of arrival time). Upon arrival, we all met downstairs in the Crowne Plaza foyer, where there is a small lounge with flavoured water jugs.

When it was time to head up, we jumped in the lift up to level 26. As the doors opened, I expected to see a phenomenal view of the lights. Unfortunately, it was actually really hard to see outside and the lights and stars weren’t that bright competing against the interior lighting. Was mildly disappointing but as the lights dimmed and the night went on, the darkness came and we got a better view. I do think however that dining during the day would make for a fantastic experience as shown by the images below from their website.

Based on our calculations, a 360 revolution took a little over 30 minutes. Unless you actually focus on something that isn’t moving you don’t really notice it, so all of you peeps that get motion sickness – DO NOT WORRY!

As the waitress escorted us to our tables, it was discovered that the restaurant had only reserved two tables instead of 3, so the 3rd table had to be set up a bit further away from the others. This turned out to be the kids table, which meant the parents were constantly running back and forth. For an engagement party this was pretty poor service and really impacted on the frivolity and group dynamics.

The buffet itself wasn’t as big as I expected. There was a station for asian, station for dessert and a seafood station plus a tasting window. The quality of the food was pretty good, I scoffed three plates including dessert.

My favourites:

Hong Kong Style Pork, Chilli Plum Sauce
Vegetarian Spring Rolls
Special Vegetarian Fried Rice (GF) (V)
Teriyaki Asian Greens (GF) (V)
Szechuan Peppered Beef, Char Sui Pork
Sesame Chicken & Bean Sprout Salad

Prior to arriving, we had been told that there would only be 1 tab per table so bring cash for drinks etc.. The buffet costs $79 per person. Like in most groups, especially with children, guests dispersed at various times. When it came for us to pay and leave, based on the earlier advice on providing cash, the last three couples headed to the cashier.

After paying for our drinks and meals, an extra $300+ was left on the bill. We were advised that everyone from the party had paid and that was what was remaining. The groom to be, argued trying to sort out the situation along with his brothers, knowing we were being overcharged. Nothing could be done, the bill as they saw it had to be paid.

As you can appreciate this was a large amount to be accounted for and paid for by the remaining guests when they wouldn’t split the tab.

Later that evening, after heading home and speaking to the all the guests, it turned out that that we were actually OVERCHARGED by $316 (assumption being they must have charged for the booked number of guests and not the actual number of guests). Total debacle. Luckily, the money was refunded the next morning but it definitely left a bad taste in our mouths.

It’s been brought to my attention a couple of the guests, including the expected bride and groom contacted the restaurant to advise of their disappointment. As this post goes live, there has been no reply.

I would love to have the opportunity to go back to Four Winds and hopefully have a positive experience, if not for me then at least for my future brother-in-law and his fiancee.

On another note, prior to the dinner, I had called Crowne Plaza a couple of times to find out about packages and accommodation. The website promotes a Seafood Indulgence package, which includes accommodation, dinner for two at Four Winds and breakfast for two. The first time I called, I was advised that the venue was fully booked for the intended date and the package was unavailable. I struggled with that information… so called back a week later. Went through the same process, however, this time was advised of the wrong pricing of the package – only quoting for accommodation. I guess that should have been a warning sign…






As the nights get colder here and the winter weather starts to rear it’s cold and ugly head, it’s only natural  to dream about a tropical getaway or planning your next adventure.

Accommodation can be the most expensive part of your travels, but thanks to airbnb you can live like home at an affordable rate.

To save even more money, if you sign up using the special link below you’ll receive $32 off your first stay!




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The Sunshine Coast Fashion Festival 2015 is lending its support to the SHE Rescue Home project. SHE Rescue Home is one of many projects being undertaken by IT’S NOT OK.

The IT’S NOT OK Projects is an internationally recognised not for profit organisation, dedicated to providing direct relief for those suffering from abuse of their basic human rights. They are focused in Australia, South-East Asia and in the USA with the hope to be a light on a global platform.

The SHE Rescue Home is an aftercare shelter in Phnom Penh Cambodia for girls aged 5-16 who have been raped, prostituted, trafficked or who are at risk. In this home, the girls receive counselling, medical attention, food, clothing, education and vocational training. In addition, a Families Assistance Program has been established to provide the girls and their families an opportunity to create micro enterprise products that provides those in the program a sustainable and fair trade income. This in turn, alleviates their poverty and therefore reduces the risk of their child being sexually abused, exploited or trafficked.

“Since its establishment in 2008, the SHE Rescue Home has had 64 girls through the program with 22 girls currently in our care. The SHE Rescue Home continues to support 26 reintegrated girls both financially and holistically.  In total, 688 beneficiaries are impacted both directly or indirectly by the project,” said spokesperson Susie Zuniga.

“IT’S NOT OK Projects is honoured to partner with the Sunshine Coast Fashion Festival where we are given the opportunity to expand our sphere of influence across all corporate demographics, including the fashion industry.  Our goal is to raise both awareness and funds to combat social injustice and support the SHE Rescue Home. We aim to raise a combined amount of $10,000 – enough to establish a child so that they are never forced to return to a life of abuse.

“IT’S NOT OK will receive $1 from every ticket sold to the Sunshine Coast Fashion Festival 2015, as well as hold a prominent position in the Trade Lounge at the event where they will have their own pop up store, selling fashion and accessories made by rescued children to raise additional funds and to take cash donations (tax deductible),” said Director & Founder of the Sunshine Coast Fashion Festival, Jacinta Richmond. “No child should be faced with the horrors of physical, mental and emotional abuse that these children have been, it would be a privilege for all of us involved to be able to save just one.”

To find out more please go to or click HERE

A revolution in couch dining

It’s been a long day, you’re mentally and physically drained. The world has gotten the better of you. Thinking about cooking dinner and tackling the domestic tasks at home, is actually making your head hurt. Sound familiar? Well this is pretty standard for most of us, I have no doubts. But imagine if those thoughts, those tasks actually gave you a panic attack, and made you feel so overwhelmed that it sent you spiralling into a fit of tears of rage? Sound fun? Not likely.

Well thanks to Menulog – the decision had been made for me. I’d used them before, see my previous blog post HERE and was so impressed with not only the service but the variety of restaurants they had on their books that there was no question about where to go for delivery dining.

So I jumped on the couch and grabbed the Iphone. Oh yeah, they are so super savvy they have a cool easy to use App! DOWNLOAD HERE

Step 1 |  Find and Open the Menulog App amongst all the other crap on your phone


Step 2 | The first thing it asks you to do is punch in your postcode and locate your suburb. If you are a repeat offender like myself your previous order will be registered and it gives you the option to Re-order. How cool is that?!


Step 3 | So after you’ve punched in your location, a list of all the participating restaurants in your area will show up available for pick up and delivery. The great thing about this, is it will have a * rating with a bunch of reviews as well as their deals, so you have the opportunity to find out a bit more about the place you’re going to order from before you do. This is such a great feature if you’ve never heard of them before, which on this night was perfect because even though I was feeling very indecisive and didn’t really care, the last thing I wanted was to potentially get food that was I was unhappy with.


 Step 4 | After reading all the options, we opted for Three Kings Pizza – with a 4.5* rating and 61 reviews, this place had a HUGE selection of amazing gourmet pizzas so we checked out their deals and placed and placed an order. Paid via Paypal – so easy! All on my phone.

Chicken Chorizo Pizza and a Moroccan Lamb Pizza with Garlic Bread and 1.25L Coke Zero.


Step 5 | The great thing (unlike a lot of online delivery food service companies) is that they keep you constantly updated.

First, you receive a text message to let you know that your restaurant has received your order. Then, you receive a text message telling me approximately how long your meal is going to be. In this case I was advised approximately 50mins. Awesome. Time to kick back with my beau and enjoy the idiot box.

Step 6 | A little over 30 mins later, there is a knock, I get up from the couch and walk the 2.5 metre distance to the front door (in my daggy pj’s) and voila dinner has arrived. Don’t you love it when it arrives early?!!!!

Now I’ve never had Three Kings before, and even though I’d read all the amazing reviews I wasn’t prepared for the BEAST of pizzas that were thrust into my hands that night. These things were MASSIVE. You could feel the weight of the toppings when you held the pizza boxes.

Then when I opened the boxes, holy crap – sensory overload.

Anyway, needless to say. They were bloody delicious, best pizza’s we’ve ever had, and it really put the cherry on top of what had been a really crappy day.

We’ve used Menulog, the app and Three Kings since and it was Awesome. If you’ haven’t checked them out you need to get on it.



Something a bit Grand

A couple of months ago, I was honoured to share in the joy of being in the bridal party of my friends wedding, with the reception being held at the Hotel Grand Chancellor in Surfers Paradise.

From our first meeting with the Events Coordinator, Kylie Leong, to look at the venue (which was my first time ever visiting HGC) I was blown away by how spacious and bright the space was, especially located in the heart of Surfers.

As my friend was only having an intimate wedding (with the ceremony planned at an alternate outside location), the Events Coordinator was incredibly accommodating with packages to suit her needs and budget, as well as offering a back up plan for the wedding ceremony if the weather decided to misbehave.

The reception was held in one of the ballrooms and was themed according to the brides colour request (below is just an example of a small intimate setting). The package included a Spa suite for the bride and groom the night before the wedding, which us girls took advantage of so we had plenty of rest and room to get ready for the big day.

Luckily the weather held after a few scary light showers close to ceremony time (which caused some shock waves with the bride) but the HGC staff were fantastic and had said they were ready to go for a seated, red carpet ceremony in the foyer if need be.

After a beautiful wedding, myself and the bridal party headed back to the Spa suite to be treated to a selection of drinks and canapés while we relaxed and waited for the guests to arrive to the reception.
A red carpet arrival into the ballroom was the start of a wonderful evening including a delicious buffet, DJ and a night to remember.




To end the night and rest my tired feet, I had a room booked sea side so at 3am I lay my weary head down on a super soft pillow in room 3406 and after the best sleep I’d had in a long long time, awoke to a breathtaking view of the ocean.

Breakfast called, so we wandered down to Hanlan’s Restaurant for a buffet breakfast, which is also open to non-guest diners. $23 pp open from 6.30am-10am. Fresh fruit and salad, juice, coffee, cereal, pastries and of course all your hot favourites. Fresh and constantly refilled from the kitchen.

With ample parking just next door, this is a must go to if you love a big breaky!

Whether you’re looking for a weekend getaway or a wedding destination Hotel Grand Chancellor Surfers Paradise is a fabulous option for you and your guests. Friendly staff, generous comfortable rooms, incredible views and right in the heart of Surfers Paradise with walking distance to shopping, the beach and nightlife.



As you can imagine, there isn’t a great deal to do at a Military Camp when you’re a guest.
But I did get to check out this big beast which rolled on into the driveway with the guys 
from the Dog Handlers Unit to set up some tents for the Birthday party as a massive storm was expected that night… Apparently, although judging from the sky you wouldn’t think

The Tee i’m wearing is a bargain I picked up from an Op shop but I fell in love with the paint splatter and howling wolf and the fact it was only $3.50!

One of the things I miss about NZ, apart from the landscape, are the small things like the delicious dairy products and of course L & P (Lemon & Paeroa) which is a lemonish tasting fizzy drink so today I got me some and it was sooooo good lol.


Mid week, we headed up to Linton Military Camp near Palmerston North, where the birthday girl resides which was an 1.5hr drive from Paraparaumu Beach. Along the way we stopped at this cute little Petting Zoo. The place was just about to close up but I was lucky enough to be able to feed the little cutie below.

I’d been feeling a little melancholy and hadn’t been sleeping well so the fresh air, nature and animals really perked me up.

This jumper I picked up from a pop up store in Oasis Shopping Centre along with a Led Zeppelin one. They’re old faves, perfect for those warmer NZ days. 

Because of the travelling and not knowing where I would be stopping along the way, I wore my rouched leggings from Forcast and sandals from KMart.
This is Steve, Security at the entrance of Linton Camp – such a gentleman.